Q Industries Cerafusion™

Product – Versa 25 and Versa 45

Always-ON Safety 24/7, Staying Safe Wherever You Go, Portable Sterilization Companion

1. Versa protects you wherever you go. Tested scientifically to eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses, dust mite allergens, moulds and other harmful pollutants in the air, from air conditioners and on surfaces of beds, cushions, curtains and carpets of hotel rooms. Versa protects you from microscopic dangers, at home or on your travels.

2. Light. Small. Effective. Weighs lighter than a tablet-only 220 grams.

3. Pick any number of extra colors, Versa casing comes in 8 exciting colors. Get additional colors to suit your mood or design.

Coverage Area:
Versa25 – up to 250 sq ft
Versa45 – up to 450 sq ft

Portable, can be connected by micro USB.

Product – PRO AS2, PRO AS40P & PRO AS180

Always-ON Safety 24/7, Keeps you safe and protected all day, every day

Your environment is bound to have pollutants in the air and on surfaces. In fact, the majority of bacteria, viruses, mould, allergens, and pollutants are actually found on surfaces, such as beddings, curtains, sofas and carpets.

1. PRO AS2 & PRO AS180 are designed for 24/7 eradication of persistent indoor issues such as moulds, odours, and bacteria.

2. PRO AS40P is suitable for quick treatments of indoor odours whenever and wherever. Treatment duration could be 20 minutes or longer depending on the pollutant level.

Coverage area:
PRO AS2 – up to 450 sq ft
PRO AS40P – up to 800 sq ft
PRO AS180 – up to 1,000 sq ft

PRO AS2 – wall mount
PRO AS40P – Portable
PRO AS180 – Standalone

Recommended for: restaurants, washrooms, hotel guest rooms, facilities management, offices, cigar lounges and smoking rooms.

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