A-Z French Food

The most complete collection of French / English dictionaries to get the best of culinary translations.

Four different books, including individual terms listed from A – Z, from French food to technical cooking verbs, this culinary dictionary is a reference for everything you need to know to translate and comment on French restaurant menus in English.

COMPLETE! From the cold of poultry to pignatelles, including cheeses, wines, and desserts, the ingredients, the methods of preparation, and the dishes of French gastronomy are listed in alphabetical order and translated into English with historical and cultural comments.

PRACTICAL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND LOW BULKY! Diary format (19 x 9 cm), The A-Z of French Food fits in a jacket pocket or in a handbag.

EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINING! How do you translate eel matelote, madérisé wine, farigoule into English? Do you know the history of the Thermidor lobster? What is a communard? French gastronomy is jam-packed with stories and anecdotes to be savored as you speak.


Do you like culture and history?

Brillat-Savarin, Chateaubriand, and Sainte-Menehould will take you through the small and the great history of France. Parsley, rosemary, and bay leaves will send you back to Antiquity, the Lobster thermidor, during the French Revolution. Under the word nouilles (noodles), you will learn that in France, Art Nouveau was called “noodle style” by its detractors, in reference to its characteristic arabesque shapes; the “noodle style” is notably that of the Parisian metro entrances, built in 1900 by Hector Guimard.

Do you like humor and quaint expressions?

The A-Z of French Food has an abundance. The A-Z of French Food will also reveal the crispest expressions of table vocabulary with their English translation (stay in a carafe, go to the flan, picnic, lame duck, etc.). An exciting course that lovers of good food and learning will follow with ever-renewed pleasure.

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