VITO Oil Filter System

Used daily, VITO filters remove food particles and carbon from your frying oil. Frying in clean, filtered oil will result in a better-tasting and better looking fried product. Your oil costs will be cut and there will be less workload due to less changes of oil and cleaning.

Save up to 50%
You will save money, oil, labor, storage space and delivery costs with VITO!

Easy & safe handling
Get clean oil in approx. 5 minutes. Put VITO in the fryer at service temperature. Push the button and you are done!

Simple cleaning
VITO is made of stainless steel and therefore dishwasher safe! VITO can be disassembled to fit easily in any dishwasher.

Constant quality
VITO ensures you to always fry in clean oil which means great quality of the fried food.

Filtration takes only 4.5 minutes. During this time you can work in your kitchen and the oil can be used immediately after.

To learn more about VITO, visit their official website. To place an order or for additional information click here to visit VITO’s online store!

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