Restaurant Cartes and Menus

Even with a rudimentary knowledge of English. This dictionary is illustrated with models that just need to be reproduced to correctly translate the most elaborate formulations. Thanks to an efficient cross-reference system, the translations are built like a Lego® set.

Over 11,000 entrees, 476 pages of traditional and modern preparations, not to mention local cuisine, with their translation into English and contextual examples. The new foreign terms that have appeared on our cartes (Australian babacos, Italian bocconcini and zampone, Spanish zarzuella, Japanese yakitori, Japanese wagyu beef – Kobe beef …) are accompanied by a definition in French and in English, providing a documented explanation to French and foreign customers, in order to be understood by all with tasty clarity.

Translates everything from appetizers to desserts, from chowder to the most sophisticated preparations, including poetic formulations allowing to vary the titles of the menus.

The translations are tasty. They have been designed by linguists in close collaboration with chefs and gastronomic journalists, in order to offer your foreign guests the pleasure of words that whet their appetite: Sequins, caviar pearls, leek lace, onion curls. In Restaurant Cartes and Menus, you will find the English translation of the refined appellations, which make the menus of starred restaurants veritable anthologies.

In 480 pages. Are you looking for inspiration to renew your menu? Browse Restaurant Cartes and Menus! The dictionary contains a wealth of ideas: you will find, among other things, 35 titles for preparing scallops, 60 variations on the game, more than 120 examples for salmon.

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