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With knowledge comes inspiration: Dilmah presents a range of Tea Inspired Gastronomy and Mixology publications that explore innovation in tea, whether it is paired with or expressed in cuisine as a garnish or marinade. Explore recipes where tea is at the heart of each creation – researched and written by tea inspired Hospitality Professionals.

Discover the potential of using tea as an ingredient in gastronomy and mixology, and revel in the true inspiration of tea!

Dilmah Fun Tea Mixology – Cocktails

Have fun learning how to prepare quick and easy Tea Inspired Cocktails with 24 recipes, containing inspiration for drinks from Tea Champagne Cocktails to Tea Martinis, guaranteed to impress your guests with their exciting and elevated flavours.

Dilmah Fun Tea Mixology – Mocktails

Prepare Tea Inspired mocktails in minutes, with 24 delicious recipes full of inspiration for drinks ranging from Blackcurrant t-Shakes to Cherry Sorbets, guaranteed to impress your guests with their flavours.

Shaken not Stirred – A Handbook on Tea Mixology

Learn how Dilmah Tea Mixology helped tea evolve as a healthy, diverse and delicious ingredient, while retaining its heritage and identity, in  57 exciting mixology recipes from decorated personalities of the industry like, Rusty Cerven, Simon Toohey and Robert Schinkel.

A Tea Inspired Ramadan with Dilmah

Celebrate Ramadan, a time of spiritual awareness, charity and generosity, in 13 tea inspired ways. Ranging from Omani Dates with spicy chocolate ganache paired with Dilmah Prince of Kandy Tea, to Kunafeh paired with Dilmah Vanilla Ceylon Tea, this book has many sought after recipes to impress any guest.

Dilmah Book of Christmas Tea Mixology, Pairing & Gastronomy

Not only when summer’s here, but also when it’s cold and drear, Dilmah tea and the spirit of Christmas join hands to recreate 12 nostalgic recipes – from Cinnamon Tea Eggnog, to Roast Duck with Blueberry and Pomegranate Tea Sauce – in this book of Christmas Tea Mixology, Pairing & Gastronomy!

The Purpose Beyond Profit, 2nd Edition

Dilmah was formed by its Founder, Merrill J. Fernando, as a business that is also a matter of human service. This booklet presents an overview of how Dilmah maintains an uncompromising commitment to fulfilling that purpose by sharing the success of Dilmah Tea with the less fortunate and the environment. The projects of the Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation are described in brief summary in this second edition of Purpose.

Dilmah Real High Tea Recipe Book Australia – Volume 1

Dilmah Real High Tea is a reason for celebration as it brings back the wonderful aspects of tea in 106 pages; explore refinement, understanding and respect for tea in 68 recipes – from Wimmera Duck Liver Tea Mousse, to Dilmah Uda Watte Scone with Rare Roast Beef on Stilton and Walnut Butter.

Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge 2015

Revolution! Tea like you have never experienced before. Sophisticated cuisine, brilliant mixology, elegant presentation, culinary theatre and personal stories of tea – all built around the respect for tea in 388 pages and 132 recipes. The award-winning recipes by Laurent Loudeac & Camille Furminiux of Museum Art Hotel, New Zealand are also featured in this book.

Real High Tea Recipe Book (2014) – Volume 1

This book details the journey of Dilmah, transforming High Tea from a dated, slightly irrelevant occasion to one that is sophisticated, indulgent and expresses the uniqueness of tea in a very enjoyable way. This book focuses on bringing tea to the new generation through elegant food pairing, delicious tea inspired food, fun mixology, perfectly brewed tea and a culinary experience that is unmatched in 608 pages filled with 223 recipes.

Real High Tea Recipe Book (2014) – Volume 2

 This is Volume 2 of Dilmah’s journey to transform High Tea from a dated, slightly irrelevant occasion to a sophisticated, indulgent and expressive occasion. Explore elegant food pairing, delicious tea inspired food, fun mixology, perfectly brewed tea and an unmatched culinary experience in 432 pages full of 133 recipes.

Dilmah Spa Tea Mixology

Find out how a tea-based beverage and its natural goodness can add to the soothing calmness in a sensorial experience at a spa, in 19 detoxing recipes ranging from a glass of ‘Vitali-tea’ to a refreshing ‘Mist of Ceylon’.

The Chefs & the Tea Maker

Celebrating Dilmah’s 21st Anniversary in Australia, the family tea company launched a programme fulfilling the objective of integrating tea as a 21st century beverage into modern lifestyles. In July 2008, a few celebrated Chefs & Restaurateurs from prestigious Australian establishments, namely; Paul Brown, Rhiannon, Paul Foreman, Damian Heads, James Mussillion, Jason Rodwell, David Pugh, Johnny Triscari, and Jodie Wallace, visited Sri Lanka to film a TV series titled ‘The Chefs and the Teamaker’. This is that story.

Book of Tea Inspired Chai Recipes

Dilmah tea presents a fresh take on a traditional form of tea preparation. Chai is brewed strong, then combined with sweetened condensed milk and “pulled” from one jug to another. Discover new avenues to brewing chai, with a concept originating with South Asian ancestry.

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