Custom Culinary®

Throughout our 75-plus year history, Custom Culinary® has never wavered from the commitment to providing foodservice professionals with true, real, and authentic flavor solutions.

Helping our customers stay ahead of evolving consumer tastes and needs is at the core of what we do: turning insights into inspiration. We celebrate and cultivate our passion for food on a daily basis, as the culinary landscape evolves at an unprecedented pace. How food is experienced, enjoyed, and created has fundamentally changed forever.

Consumers are more educated and open-minded about what they eat and more demanding. As we expand the reach of the  Custom Culinary® brand internationally, it remains our job to explore and discover the trends that drive consumer behavior so we can support our customers’ needs to keep their menus fresh, appealing, exciting and most importantly relevant. In many cases, the story behind the dish is just as important as the food itself.

Our world feels smaller than ever. Technology enables consumers to connect with the food trends exploding across every neighborhood, every city, every country, and every continent.  What’s hot on New York City menus today will be front-page food news in Shanghai tomorrow. The street food of Kolkata has an influential impact on fine dining in London. The work we do at Custom Culinary® is truly a celebration of food.

At the heart of it, all is a passion for the industry, as we combine marketing insights with culinary artistry and the strength of our brands elevating our customers’ offerings and nourishing the world.

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