Culinary Dictionary

Dedicated to professionals in Catering, Cooking, and Pastry.

The Culinary Dictionary is the culmination of 16 months of linguistic research in close collaboration with food journalists, translators, cooks, pastry chefs, and restaurateurs from all over the world.

The first English-French dictionary of international gastronomy, the Culinary Dictionary provides, in 455 pages and more than 15,000 entries, a documented answer to all your questions about world cuisine. What is arugula hazelnut pesto? A Creole tasso? How do you properly describe an andouillette in English? What are the uses of Japanese wakame seaweed? What is the difference in English between batter and dough? (It is mainly a question of consistency). What is the French translation of Jerusalem artichokes? (Hint: it has nothing to do with artichokes!).

In the Culinary Dictionary you will discover:

  • National variants of English in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Any English-French vocabulary of Catering, Pastry, and Cooking, its techniques, basic utensils, ingredients, including those of processed products and fusion kitchens (gastronomic creations resulting from the crossbreeding of French cuisines, American, Mexican, Creole, Japanese, Thai, etc.).
  • The English vocabulary of restaurant menus, with extracts from American, Australian, English, Canadian, French and Irish menus, accompanied by their French translation and contextual examples.
  • The English vocabulary of cooking and baking recipes, with – as always in Geneviève de Temmerman’s dictionaries – extracts from recipes illustrating the use of words in their context.

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