AMT Gastroguss

As one of the very few suppliers on the market today, we manufacture our cookware in-house. Therefore, we have total supervision of overall production procedures and quality control.

AMT cookware is made of heavy-duty, hand-casted aluminum which makes it an extremely resistant and long-lasting product, which you can enjoy for many years.

  • 25 years guarantee for aluminum base – The warp-free thermal base retains its optimum flatness under all conditions.
  • Lotan® is the new revolutionary non-stick antibacterial coating technology for modern gastronomic applications. It is extremely hard and resistant, very easy to clean, and particularly well suited for the professional kitchen area.
  • Energy Efficient – AMT cookware ensures maximum heating efficiency. Thanks to the thick thermal base, fast heating up, and even heat distribution, cooking time is shorter by around 20%.
  • Repeatable results – Thick bottom of AMT Gastroguss pans ensures they do not cool down on contact with cold meat, which means pores close almost immediately and it keeps its natural juices and thickness. This is why food prepared AMT pans are tastier, tender, and nicely brown.

Thanks to the excellent quality and innovation of AMT cookware, for many years we have been accompanying and supporting Chefs at Culinary Olympics, World Cup, and many other international contests.

We at AMT Gastroguss want to give you the tools for culinary perfection.