A-Z Cooking Verbs

In a compact and easy to handle format, the A-Z of Cooking Verbs presents:

  • The 450 fundamental verbs in cooking and baking.
  • Derivatives of verbs: nouns, adjectives, and adverbs (lowers, tempera, roll, roulade, end, finely, etc.).
  • The definitions of professional terms (chiqueter, luter, lever un filet de viande, abaisser une pâte, etc.).
  • Concrete examples of translations in the context of recipes.
  • Language variants: British English / American English.
  • Both a dictionary and a learning manual.

In the A-Z of Cooking Verbs, professionals, cooks, and pastry chefs will find the vocabulary and phrases essential for the translation of recipes; students will learn the definitions of culinary vocabulary, in French and in English; teachers in hotel schools will find material for numerous exercises facilitating thematic learning of professional English.

Test your knowledge!

  1. What is the English translation of the French expression “Monter une sauce au beurre”?
    Hint: this is finishing.
  2. What is pie crust blind baking?
    Hint: the English cook blind; the French, “à blanc”.
  3. How to translate to English “Faire une détrempe”?
    Hint: we soak with water.

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